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Purification principle of Mechanical oil mist purifier filter:

Level 1 filter: high polished stainless steel swirl separator is used to separate large particle oil mist.

Level 2 filtering: filter the oil mist particles through a stainless steel wire filter.

Level 3 filtration: filter small oil mist particles by mixing the filter segments with stainless steel and fabric materials.

Level 4 filtration: the F9 filter is used to filter small oil mist particles.

Other filtering: can be configured with efficient filtration or activated carbon filtration as required.

The filter combination can be configured flexibly according to the scene situation, and it can also choose to filter mixed configuration with electrostatic type.

Product features of Mechanical oil mist purifier filter:

1. Based on modular design, air volume can be combined according to requirements.

2. Self-cleaning filter: the drain hole is arranged on the bottom of the filter, and as the filter is vertically discharged, the filtered oil can automatically flow to the slop tank according to gravity, and the maintenance interval is extended.

3. Purification efficiency: 99.9%. (German DIN 24185 standard)

4. Choose IE2 efficient motor.

5. The filter section and fan section are in the same case, the noise is smaller and the equipment is reduced.

Application range: oil mist and smoke that can be used for cutting oil, emulsion and synthetic coolant during processing.

Application: oil mist purifier products are widely used in all kinds of machining plants, foundry, cold heading, heat treatment etc.

Applicable industry: applicable to bearing manufacturing, tool manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, IT equipment manufacturing, etc. industrial oil mist collecto